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Ancient History: The '70s

Wes opened his first commercial recording studio in 1977. He was 21. It was called Concept Audio, and was located in Wilbraham, Mass. At the time, it was the first 8-track studio in Western Mass. He recorded numerous acts: from funk and a cappella, to acoustic duos, hard rock and polka. Ironically, he became somewhat of a.....read more


More Ancient History: The '80s

When most of Wes' clients from The 19 urged Wes to move to New York, he did so at the end of the seventies. He became bi-coastal when he was hired to be the Television/Studio mixer for the world-wide distributed religious program, "The Hour of Power with Robert Schuller" located in California. Thus commenced a schedule of 10 days in LA, 20 days in New York, 5 days in LA, 10 days in New York, and so on and so on......read more


Recent Ancient History: The '90s

Relocating back to western Mass, Wes co-founded (with Charley Conquest) the revolutionary music production library, The FRESH Music Library. Marketing the library nationally and internationally (BEFORE the advent of the Internet!!) Wes and Charley created....read more


Recent History: The '00s

Having sold Fresh in June of 2008, Wes continues his long time voice-over career and free-lance audio and music production projects doing business as Music/Media Productions, actively producing select musical projects that he believes in. ....read more


See CURRENT PROJECTS for his latest production work.