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Recent Ancient History: The '90s

Relocating back to western Mass, Wes co-founded (with Charley Conquest) the revolutionary music production library, The FRESH Music Library. Marketing the library nationally and internationally (BEFORE the advent of the Internet!!) Wes and Charley created a new way for video producers, broadcasters and filmakers to acquire quality music for their soundtracks.

During this time, Wes recorded and produced over 120 CD's of music and SFX for the broadcast industry in an extremely wide range of styles: from Country and bluegrass, to rap, hip-hop and symphonic, to Latin and Tropicalia, to classic rock and New Age. No style was left unproduced.

He also found time to produce some commercial CDs with friends. These included two wonderful CDs with singer Anne Kelleher (one CD of standards and one CD of Wes' favorite: Christmas songs!), the awesome sounding power- grunge band SAVOY (with friend Tom Savoy), two amazing CDs with the trance/avant-garde/drum circle/African inspired group D'MOJA, the beautiful and personal CD "Summerland" with the delightful Jaia Wise, among others.



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