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Recent History: The '00s

Having sold Fresh in June of 2008, Wes continues his long time voice-over career and free-lance audio and music production projects doing business as Music/Media Productions, actively producing select musical projects that he believes in.

See CURRENT PROJECTS for his latest production work.

Wes also continues the longest musical collaboration of his life with his much admired close friend, Bill Holloman. Since playing gigs together back in high school, Bill and Wes have co-written countless tunes for multi-media purposes, as well as over 200 jingles. They occasionally like to sit back and relax with their favorite kind of beer: cold and free.

Another great pleasure for Wes is his annual production work with the Northampton High School's amazing A Cappella group, The Northamptones. The CD he will record this year with them will be the seventh, working together with their dynamic leader, Beau Flahive.

Even after all these years, Wes remains excited about the creative and collaborative process involved in making meaningful music with artists he cares about and believes in, recorded and presented in a thoughtful, provocative and exciting (but appropriate) manner.



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