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Ancient History: The '70s

Wes opened his first commercial recording studio in 1977. He was 21. It was called Concept Audio, and was located in Wilbraham, Mass. At the time, it was the first 8-track studio in Western Mass. He recorded numerous acts: from funk and a cappella, to acoustic duos, hard rock and polka. Ironically, he became somewhat of a favorite with the Polka acts when he recorded them just like rock acts...with a big drum sound, crisp horns and very present vocals. In fact, a number of polka acts that he produced/recorded back then are today in the Polka Hall of Fame.

During this time, Wes played keyboards and toured with his band, FOREST. Their eponymous album, which Wes produced, was released to great reviews in 1978 and is still a collectors item in Japan!

When Concept Audio ended (a tax issue snafu!) Wes was hired as In-House Producer at the acclaimed 19 Recording Studio in Glastonbury, CT. Working closely with partner/owners Jonathan Freed and the now legendary Ron Scalise, he worked 80 hour weeks. Sometimes recording film narrations in the morning, creating jingles in the afternoon, and recording rock and funk acts at night..and into the wee hours of the morning.

Next day, do it all over again.

During those years he worked with numerous extremely talented people: from voice-over radio and television talent, to event producers, and any number of great musical acts. Some of the bands he recorded or produced during that time were Eight to the Bar, Seagull (featuring Marion Groves and Ray Mason), Michael Gregory, Melba Moore, Max Creek, Larry Tomei, Pam Bricker, Clockwork, Grayson Hugh, Gypsy, Ted Mather, Chris Kleeman, Jim Kimball, John Dandurand, Rhani Harris, Paul Winter Consort, and others.


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