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Some of Wes' voiceover clients requested that Wes do on-camera work also, and being a long-time professional theater actor, voila, a modest TV/film career was born. Many short films, many commercials, and a few features. Very directable, professional, and easy to work with. This is just a small sampling of some of Wes' video/film acting work. Please e-mail or call to see more projects or different styles.

Samples: video

A Slight Chance of Rain

An interesting short film shot over a few days in NYC with a fabulous crew. Directed by the amazing Nick Alden. Featuring the talented (and extremely funny!) actor Ron Barba.

Safe As Houses

A wonderful award-winning short film examining a husband's coping with the departure of his larger-than-life wife. Written & directed by Molly Koch, featuring the fabulous Nancy Hastings as Louanne, the runaway wife.

Moving in Dorm Scene / Harvard DVD Series

A scene from the "Professional Friends" ethics DVD series created by Filmmaker/Harvard Alum/NYC lawyer, Steven Gee. Featuring the multi-talented Denver Porter.

WGBY TV Spot - Words with "RE"

A PSA for WGBY, public television for western New England

WGBY TV Spot - Words with "RE" The Sequel

Follow-up to the wildly popular "Words with "RE". A fundraising PSA for WGBY, Public Television for New England. Featuring the wonderful Jarice Hansen

Opening Scene from "The Dog Policy"

An extremely entertaining short film about newlyweds and an "addition" to the family. Written & directed by Ryan McCoy Johnson, Wes plays the landlord of a Boston apartment building that caters to artists. Featuring the wonderful Chris Pike and delightful Miriam Lamey.